Winner of The Cordwainers Dato's JIMMY CHOO AWARD 2014.

Simonetta Alejandra is an Argentinean footwear designer based in London. First she did her BA in Textile and Fashion Design in Argentina and later she specialized in the footwear field completing her Master degree in Fashion Footwear atLondon College of Fashion in 2014.

She has experience designing a broad range of footwear, from conceptual to more wearable commercial styles. Dedicated to the industry, she aspires to create sophisticated and unique designs relying on attention to detail.

Alejandra is inspired by the innovative use of unconventional materials within the footwear industry. The mixture of colours and the essence of the materials that she experiments with are essential to create architectural designs that are turned into shoes. The balance between textures and colours and the simplicity of the overall image of her projects are a result of the combination between all these elements. Organic and sculptural complex shapes are characteristics in her shoe designs. 


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